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One Advisory handles a broad portfolio of clients representing diverse industry and each one at different stages of growth.We are proud of our range of innovative clients who are achieving success in their chosen field, and we are honoured to be supporting them on their journey.

These are just a few examples of the ways in which we support our clients:

Uni “hobby” turns multi-million-dollar enterprise

It’s a pretty incredible thing when a little idea grows to something bigger than we could have imagined. And that was the case when this client approached us some years ago.

The client had started their business as a “hobby” idea while they were studying at Uni. And how it grew!

It became clear very quickly that the company’s Excel spreadsheet reporting system wasn’t fit for the task. They moved to a small accounting package but again it became obvious they were on a rapid path to outgrow that.

The experienced One Advisory team, headed by Director Sean Whelan, took over the management and advice for the company’s accounting, finance, tax and compliance work to improve efficiencies and apply industry best-practice.

One of the key improvements that has helped the company maintain and grow has been the integration of a sophisticated POS and accounting package to cut through accounting software barriers and reduce valuable time spent on admin, finance and budgets.

Sean and his team seamlessly integrated the system into the company’s day-to-day business and also took over book-keeping management to allow the company to focus on what it does best.


Expert taxation advice

Sean and the team support the client with tax and compliance advice, including minimising tax by structuring the client’s business through:

  • Tax-effective legal structure
  • Liaising with financial providers to restructure loans in a tax-effective manner
  • Minimising risk by ensuring asset protection
  • Ensuring compliance obligations across Australia including FBT, Payroll Tax and Workers Compensation Insurance obligations.


Innovation and change

Significant growth requires significant innovation. And One Advisory has evolved with the company through its stages of business growth, to provide ongoing assistance, strategy and support in areas including

  • Income tax and GST obligations
  • Software queries and support
  • Strategic business, finance and tax advice
  • Ad-hoc advice

As pioneers in their industry, this company put their faith in One Advisory every step of the way, to help them achieve sustained growth in an evolving market.

Supporting our clients every step of their journey

For more than 20 years One Advisory has provided professional advice through this client transition from employee to business and then commercial property owner.

 Tailored advice

Our experienced One Advisory team, headed by Director James Jarrett has provided business advice and solutions in the areas of:

  • Annual taxation and accounting compliance
  • GST, Revenue SA and Return to Work SA obligations
  • SMSF education and set-up
  • Ad-hoc business strategy advice.

Our partnership model has worked successfully over the years to grow the client’s business and evolve with the industry.


The next chapter

After 20 years in the industry the client spoke with us with a view to selling the business she built and transition into retirement.

Our experienced team lead by Director James Jarrett assisted her during this time with the preparation of financial data and due diligence for the purchaser and negotiations around purchase price and the structure of the transaction.

In particular, One Advisory provided detailed capital gains tax and superannuation advice with a view to effectively minimising the tax implications associated with the transaction and moving the proceeds into the most tax effective environment.

One Advisory provided a referral for a lawyer and worked closely with that lawyer throughout the transaction. The settlement of the transaction and handover process was smooth for both the client and the purchaser and the estate planning and financial planner referral allowed the client to move on into retirement with financial peace of mind.

Purchasing a first business

One Advisory was approached to advise a new client who had come across an opportunity to buy an existing business in the industry she was at that time employed in.

Prior to the purchase, we provided a high-level review of the business for sale, including a detailed review of the numbers and a presentation to the client around key things to consider, questions to ask and the identification of any risks/concerns.

 An offer is made

Armed with the best advice and information around the business, our client was able to make an offer and we then supported her with:

  • The transaction structure – including establishment of new entities that would go on to acquire the business
  • Referral to a lawyer and assistance with review of all contracts, leases and other agreements associated with the transaction
  • Liaison with finance providers regarding the debt structure
  • Ad-hoc advice relating to the set up and purchase of the business
  • Set-up and training for cloud accounting and payroll software system


Up and running

Our support doesn’t end when the dust settles on the purchase. Once the client is up and running we continue to assist in areas including:

  • Income tax and GST obligations
  • Software queries and support
  • Quarterly strategic meetings to discuss business performance and continue a proactive partnership and advice approach


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